Thomas J. Peters

Music Composer

Among the sprawling reach of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, music composer Thomas J. Peters crafts lavish & powerful thematic musical settings for Film, Television, & Interactive Media.

As a seasoned industry composer & musician, Thomas's works are among a reputable array of films & video games within his resume:

Thomas's compositions span entries of films, short films, & web series in the Cannes Festival Short Film Corner
, Los Angeles International Film Festival, California Independent Film Festival, Hollyweb Festival, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and Los Angeles Film Awards among many others. 


Currently he's co-composing the musical score for an upcoming video game "Witch" by Heartstrings Studios - Witch has been showcased at the Tokyo Game Show in 2019 - a 'Playstation Indie Prize' Nominee, and winner of Dreamhack Dallas 2019's 'Best RPG' award.


Thomas J. Peters continually seeks out innovative music composition with an emphasis on narrative story telling at the forefront.